Payroll System Replacement Project

Subject: NY Position Summary Bulletin No. 69
Date:    1/27/99
Effective immediately, agencies with access to position data will have another panel to view position data. This panel only displays certain position information and cannot be used to update position attributes.

The following position information is displayed: Position Number, Line Number, Effective Date, Department, Job Code, Company, Position Pool ID, Earnings Program ID, Employee Type, Dept Location, Position Location, Approved Salary Rate, Additional Comp, Status, Standard Hours, Action Reason, Max Head Count, Pay Basis Code, Bargaining Unit, Jurisdictional Class, Position FTE, Sal/Grade, Full/Part Time, Position Status, Regular/Temporary.

To get to this panel, use the following path: Manage Positions, Inquire and chose NY Position Summary. You will be prompted at this point to enter a position number. This panel will not display the current incumbent information.

For questions concerning this panel, please contact Debbie Brewer at (518) 473-7382.