Payroll System Replacement Project

Subject: 1) Conversion Group 1 Training Schedule
2) PaySR Panels
3) Schedule for Conversion
Bulletin No.8
Date: 3/31/98


This bulletin provides additional information on PaySR training, including specific dates for agencies in Conversion Group 1. Agencies in Conversion Groups 2 and 3 should refer to Bulletin No. 6 for the general time frame for training. Specific training dates for these groups will be provided in June.

Also included with this bulletin is a set of the panels used to enter data into PaySR, as well as a schedule of milestones for the July conversion to PaySR and NYSTEP.

Coach Training

Agency Coaches will complete 19 hours of Computer-Based Training (CBT) during a three-day course offered at OSC's training labs at Rensselaer Technology Park (RTP). This is the same CBT course that will be taken by all end users. This will be followed by a one-day Train-the-Coach course at the A.E. Smith Office Building (AESOB) in Albany. In this one-day session, participants will discuss their roles and responsibilities and learn how to coach others. Participants will have the opportunity for informal discussion with PaySR functional and technical staff.

Attachment A provides the Train-the-Coach course description and specific dates for Conversion Group 1.

CBT Training

Agency Coaches will schedule CBT training for all end users. CBT training for agencies in Conversion Group 1 begins June 1 and should be completed by July 2. This training can be completed at the employee's PaySR work station, in an agency computer lab or at a regional PaySR training lab. If you plan to use an agency computer lab, it is your responsibility to make the necessary arrangements to have the lab connected to PaySR.

Instructor-Led Training

Coaches will schedule appropriate staff for two instructor-led courses, PaySR for Supervisors and Managers and PeopleSoft Query in PaySR.

PaySR for Supervisors and Managers - This half-day course will explain the functions of the new payroll system and demonstrate how to view information in PaySR. It is targeted for users who supervise payroll employees, but will not input information on a day-to-day basis. Participants are encouraged to take introductory CBT training prior to attending the course.

Attachment B provides the course description, suggested prerequisites, and specific dates for PaySR for Supervisors and Managers.

PeopleSoft Query in PaySR - This one-day course will teach agency payroll data analysts and technical personnel how to design and execute queries in PaySR. As seating is limited, agencies should select two employees who can best serve the agency's query needs.

Attachment C provides the course description, suggested prerequisites, and specific dates for PeopleSoft Query.

Next Steps for Conversion Group One

  • By April 24, Liaisons should work with Agency Coaches to select either session one or two for coach training. (We recommend coaches attend training together, but agencies may divide coaches among sessions if needed.) A final coach registration list (agency, participant name, phone and session selected) should be provided to Theresa Flynn (phone 473-4869, fax 473-5073, or e-mail

  • By June 1, Liaisons should ensure that agency computer training labs are connected to PaySR. If you have any questions concerning connectivity, please talk to your agency technical contact or call Tom Luther at 474-0390 or

If you do not have access to a computer lab and would like to use a regional PaySR training lab, please contact Jack McNulty at 473-7494 or

  • By May 18, Coaches should develop participant lists for the PaySR for Supervisors and Managers and PeopleSoft Query in PaySR courses, indicating first and second choices for dates from Attachments B and C. Lists should be submitted to Theresa Flynn (see above). These lists will be finalized during the Train-the-Coach sessions.


PaySR Panels

To familiarize PaySR users with PaySR panels and prepare you for training, we are including with this bulletin a set of PaySR panels (Attachment E) that will be used by agencies, describing the purpose of each. This information should also help agency staff as they review their payroll procedures for PaySR's implementation. More specific information on the use of each panel will be provided in CBT training.

Schedule for July Conversions

OSC and the Department of Civil Service (DCS) have collaborated to produce a Schedule for July Conversions to NYSTEP and PaySR (Attachment D). This joint schedule indicates the key tasks necessary for implementation of these two systems along with target dates. Some of these dates will be different for agencies in PaySR Conversion Groups 2 and 3. Specific dates for PaySR Conversion Groups 2 and 3 will be communicated in a future bulletin.

If you have any questions regarding this bulletin, please contact your PaySR Representative.