Payroll System Replacement Project

Subject: Position Update Listing Bulletin No. 83
Date:    3/18/99
The Office of the State Comptroller updates Position Data based on information received from the Department of Civil Service. If the position is filled and information to change the position attributes are received from the Department of Civil Service, the employee Job record is automatically updated with the new information.

A listing "Position Information as of March 11, 1999" has been produced and will be sent out to agencies on March 19, 1999. This listing contains active employees who have an increment code, and have had an automatic position update, but do not have a pay rate change or a position change after the automatic position update. The information was produced as of the close of business March 11, 1999. To ensure that the increments are processed correctly in Pay Period 1L, this listing must be reviewed by the agency to verify that the position information is correct for the employee. The agencies should also verify that the employee’s salary is correct based on the automatic position information.

Correcting Information

If the salary is incorrect, the agency should submit prior to Period 1L a Pay Change action in the Job Request Panel to correct the employee’s salary.

If other position information on the row inserted by OSC is not valid for the employees (i.e., Grade, Bargaining Unit), the agency must request an action code of NEW POSITION on the Job Action Request Panel. The agency must move the employee into another "budgeted" position, or assign the employee to a NYS position by indicating a NYS position number in the NYS position field. NYS position numbers should only be assigned if the position is an underfill (PR50) of the "budgeted" position.

The effective date of the pay change or new position actions should be the same date as the effective date on the automatic position up date row inserted by OSC. The action entered in the Job Action Request Panel must be sequenced with the next higher sequence number for that effective date.

If there are rows following the automatic position update row and the agency is submitting an action to correct the automatic position update row, the agency must also submit a Pay Rate or Position Change in the Job Request Panel to update each row following the automatic position update row. Use the effective date of the original row with the next higher sequence number for that date.

This information must be completed by the agency by Pay Period 1L to ensure increments are paid correctly.

Any Questions about processing these changes should be referred to the Salary Determination Unit at (518) 486-3088.

Any Questions about the Position Updates should be referred to Chris Nolette at (518) 474-7658.