Payroll System Replacement Project

Subject: PS&T Longevity Payment and Overtime Bulletin No. 90
Date:    4/8/99
PaySR Bulletin 79, PS&T Longevity Payment dated March 5, 1999 (page 4), incorrectly stated that the payment amount would be included in the overtime compensation that is earned from April 22, 1999 through April 19, 2000 for Institution agencies and April 29, 1999 through April 26, 2000 for Administration agencies.

These dates are incorrect. The bulletin should have stated, the amount of the Longevity will be included in the calculation of overtime that is earned from April 1, 1999 through March 31, 2000 for all employees receiving the payment (Institution and Administration).

On Page 5 of Bulletin 79, instructions for payments to employees not paid automatically are incorrect. When entering a Longevity payment for these employees, the earnings end date entered must be 03312000 for both Administration and Institution agencies.

Bulletin 79 incorrectly states to use 04192000 for Institution and 04262000 for Administration agencies.

The correct instructions are shown below.


To pay an eligible employee after the automatic payment has been paid, use the Additional Pay Panel:

Earnings Code LLS
Effective Date Enter eligibility date*
OT Effective Date Same as effective date
Annual Additional Earnings Payment Amount
Earn End Date 03312000 (Both Institution And

*If an Institution agency was entering a transaction in Period 2L for an employee who returned to the payroll April 8,1999, the effective date should be 04081999. For an Administration agency entering in Period 2L for an employee who returned to the payroll on April 15,1999, the date should be 04151999.


As the Longevity Amount is included in the calculation of overtime effective April 1,1999 for both the Institution and Administration cycles, agencies must enter multiple rows, (regardless of the period the overtime is submitted) if the overtime dates being reported overlap April 1, 1999.

The first row must be inserted with the inclusive dates prior to April 1, 1999. The second row must be inserted with the inclusive dates equal to and after April 1, 1999.

Questions on this bulletin should be directed to the Salary Determination Unit at (518) 486-3096.