Date: November 6, 2008
Bulletin Number: 852

Change to Schedule for Submitting Returned Paychecks


To notify agencies of a change to the processing schedule for AC 230s (Report of Check Returned for Refund or Exchange).

Affected Employees

Payroll Bulletin No. 791 provides a schedule for submitting AC 230s.  Due to an Institution paycheck date of December 31, 2008, OSC has amended the AC 230 due date for this specific check date.

Agencies must adhere to this schedule for accurate W-2 processing and to alleviate the need for W-2 Corrections and the issuance of credit letters as described in Payroll Bulletin No. 837.

Effective Date(s)

Check Date

Must be Received by OSC by

10/1/08 to 10/31/08


11/1/08 to 11/30/08


Institution: 12/4/08 and 12/18/08


Administration: 12/10/08 and 12/24/08


Institution: 12/31/08



Processing Rules for Returning Checks

According to the instructions for AC 230 processing, agencies are reminded that payroll checks should not be returned to OSC if either of the following situations apply:

  • The employee is still actively employed by any State agency.
  • The employee is due any regular and/or lump sum payments that are equal to or exceed the amount to be returned.


Questions may be e-mailed to the Payroll Deductions mailbox.