Date:January 12, 2009
Bulletin Number: 874

Benefits of IRS e-File



To notify agencies of the direct mailing by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of e-File leaflets promoting the benefits of electronic filing of income tax returns.


Affected Employees

All employees.


Effective Date(s)

E-File leaflets should accompany paychecks and direct deposit advice statements on the payday following agency receipt of the leaflets.


OSC Actions

The Bureau of State Payroll Services, Office of the State Comptroller, has partnered with the IRS to encourage employees to file tax returns electronically.  E-File leaflets promoting electronic filing will be sent to agency payroll offices directly from the IRS.  Agencies may expect to receive the IRS e-File leaflets from the IRS in mid-January 2009.


Agency Actions

Agency payroll offices should distribute the IRS e-File leaflets with paychecks and direct deposit advice statements the following payday.


Questions Questions may be e-mailed to the Payroll Deductions mailbox.