Date: October 1, 2014

Bulletin Number: 1343



New York State Payroll System (PayServ) Conversion to Statewide Financial System Chart of Accounts


To inform all agencies of upcoming changes to the PayServ system, inbound and outbound file layouts and to Control D reports to reflect the conversion from legacy cost centers to the new accounting structure (Chart of Accounts) in the Statewide Financial System.

Affected Employees

All employee records will be affected. 


The State adopted a new chart of accounts in 2012 when it implemented the Statewide Financial System.  OSC is now aligning personal service charges with the new chart of account strings.  Agencies will have the ability to compare the same data across both PayServ and the SFS system, allowing for easier reconciliation of payroll charges.

Effective Date(s)

Institution pay checks dated April 2, 2015 and

Administration pay checks dated April 8, 2015

Eligibility Criteria

All employees paid through PayServ.

OSC Actions

OSC Payroll is planning on converting the Payroll System to the new chart of accounts as of the first payroll check in April, 2015. 

Payroll officers and/or finance office staff at agencies will no longer be adding the account code string on the Position Pool page as they do currently.  OSC is currently working to complete design work to accommodate the changes resulting from the conversion.  It is expected that the design work will be completed mid-October.  OSC will release details of layouts and changes at that time, in a subsequent bulletin. In addition, once the design work is completed, OSC will be offering training and guidance to agencies.

Below is a listing of impacted files, reports and queries.

Interface File Layouts impacted:
NHRP501 - Agency Master File
NHRP522 - One Time Distribution Interface
NHRP521 - One Time Distribution Interface - Agency Split File

Control –D reports impacted:
NHRP712 – Expenditure Register by Department
NHRP714 – Fund Summary
NHRP721 – Expenditure Register by Pool ID
NHRP726 – Payroll Charge Register/Dept/Separate Checks
NHRP727 – Employee Exp Charge Register/Pool ID/Separate Checks
NHRP723 – Schedule of Positions

Queries impacted:
All queries used by agencies that contain the Account Code will need to be modified with the new chartfield strings.

OSC Payroll will be converting all current mappings to the chartfields that are used in SFS today.
Validations for valid chartfield combinations will be performed more frequently in the new process than the current process.

Agency Actions

Agencies will no longer be using cost centers into PayServ, but instead, new chart field strings.  SFS will be supplying valid chart field strings to PayServ upon conversion.  Agencies will tie position pools to these chart field strings. 

Agencies receiving PayServ outbound files and Control D reports listed above should begin assessing their agency’s use of the files and reports in both their internal business processes and systems. OSC will issue new file layouts to agencies in a subsequent Payroll bulletin.


Questions may be directed to the Payroll System Support Group at payrollsystemquestions@osc.state.ny.us.  Please include this bulletin number in the email subject line.