Date: November 12, 2014

Bulletin Number: 1352

Subject New Control-D Report NPAY799 -  Location Pay Exceptions Report

Purpose To inform agencies of a new CONTROL-D report that identifies location pay discrepancies.

Affected Employees

All Employees
Effective Date(s)

NPAY799 will be available in Control–D the Friday after each pay cycle is confirmed.


Eligibility for the location pay earnings is based on the employee’s status, full/part-time indicator, grade, bargaining unit, pay basis code, and regular position location, as of the last day of the current pay period.

OSC Actions

In an effort to assist agencies in determining the appropriate location pay earnings for their employees, OSC created Control-D report NPAY799 for Agencies to review on a biweekly cycle.

Missing Location Pay - the NPAY799 report identifies the appropriate location pay earn code and amount for which the employee appears to be eligible but is not currently receiving. 

Invalid Location Pay - the NPAY799 identifies employees that appear to be INELIGIBLE for the location pay earnings they are currently receiving, as well as employees that are ELIGIBLE for location pay, but have an incorrect earnings amount.

Agency Actions

Missing Location Pay –

If the agency agrees that the employee is eligible for location pay, the agency must enter the earn code on the Additional Pay page, as of the appropriate effective date.  The agency must also insert additional location pay rows, as required by the employee’s Job record, including factor change rows, if necessary. 
NOTE: If the agency is unable to enter the information because the system prevents them from doing so, a DTA/COR must be reported on the Job Request page to inform OSC of all rows that must be inserted. 

  • If the agency determines the employee is NOT eligible for the earnings because the record contains incorrect information, the agency must ensure the record is corrected. For example, updating the position location if incorrect on the employee’s regular position.  Position updates for positions under DCS must go through NYSTEP.  Position updates for positions in SUNY and UCS can be done by agency.    

Invalid Location Pay –

  • If the employee is NOT eligible for the earnings, the agency must end the earnings as of the last day the employee is eligible to receive the earnings.


If the employee is eligible for the earnings, but the employee’s Job and/or Position record is incorrect, the agency must ensure the record is corrected. For example, if the employee’s bargaining unit is incorrect on Job, the agency must submit the appropriate transaction to correct the record. 

  • If the employee appears to be eligible for the earn code that is currently active on the record, but the amount is incorrect, the agency must add a new row or submit a DTA/COR, whichever is applicable, to change the location pay amount.
  • If the amount of the location pay is being reduced and the effective date is retroactive, the agency must enter a General Comment regarding the recovery of the overpayment.  Refer to Payroll Bulletin No. 1038 for overpayment recovery policies.


  • Agencies should review NPAY799 each cycle and make the appropriate changes on PayServ for the next pay period.
    • The employee will no longer appear on the report if the Location Pay earnings are added or if the employee’s record is corrected to reflect the appropriate attributes. 
  • Agencies must submit the appropriate Additional Pay Adjustment when making changes to an employee’s location pay record.
  • Agencies must enter detailed General Comments to identify employees who will remain on the report.
  • Agencies must comply with current procedures regarding overpayments, retroactive payments over 9 pay periods late and retroactive payments over one year old.


Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Earnings mailbox.