State Agencies Bulletin No. 1016.1

Maintaining Up-to-Date Employee Addresses in the PayServ System
Date Issued
December 30, 2020


This bulletin supersedes Payroll Bulletin No. 1016.


The purpose of this bulletin is to continue to maintain up-to-date employee addresses in the PayServ system and remind agencies of existing tools to do so.

Affected Employees

All Employees are affected.

Effective Dates

Effective immediately.


Maintaining up-to-date addresses for employees enables the State to provide high quality payroll services and save money on postage. Addresses are used for such critical tasks as direct employee contact, mailing of Form W-2 statements, mailing of paycheck and direct deposit advices, determining employee tax status, and when applicable, locating next-of-kin. It is essential that PayServ contain correct and current addresses.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) provides a service that compares the address file of organizations to the latest address reported to USPS by individuals. This service identifies individuals who have notified the USPS of a change of address, but have not yet notified their employer. Organizations that utilize this service receive information about the individual’s latest address as known to the USPS. If the results of this address comparison are favorable, the USPS deems the organization to be Move-Update Certified and eligible for discount postal rates. Additionally, if these addresses are not maintained and forwarding is required, USPS may charge the agency a forwarding fee for the forwarding service.

OSC will continue to use this service to provide information to agencies to determine the validity of the address. A report is available in Control-D to enable agencies to obtain the latest information about employee addresses.

OSC Actions

Control-D report NPAY590 – ADDRESS MOVE UPDATE REPORT enables agencies to obtain the latest address employees have reported to the USPS.

OSC will continue to provide an address list from PayServ containing the home, mail and check address as recorded in PayServ to be matched to change of address information filed with the USPS.

For each address compared, if no change of address form has been filed with the USPS, the address will be certified as Move Updated. If there has been a change of address form filed with the USPS and the address matches the PayServ file, the address will be certified as Move Updated. If there has been a change of address form filed with the USPS and the address provided in PayServ does not match, the address will not be certified.

The Control-D report NPAY590 – ADDRESS MOVE UPDATE REPORT displays all addresses that have not been certified.

The report provides from PayServ: Deptid, Emplid, Address Type, Name; and from the USPS: Date of Move, Move Type, Change of Address Indicator (i.e., moved, probably moved, moved no forwarding), Name, and Address. The report runs quarterly, will be retained for 95 days in Control-D with a 1-year archive, and is sorted by Deptid.

Agency Actions

Agencies must review the NPAY590 –ADDRESS MOVE UPDATE REPORT and take the following action:

  • Contact employees who appear on the NPAY590 report to verify the address provided by the USPS.
  • Update the employee address in PayServ as soon as possible to ensure proper Form W-2 mailing for employees who have not opted out of receiving a printed W-2. Please refer to the link on Entering and Updating Names and Addresses in PayServ on the OSC website for detailed instructions on updating addresses in PayServ.
  • Continue to review the NPAY590-ADDRESS MOVE UPDATE REPORT on a quarterly basis to ensure Direct Deposit Advices, printed paychecks and other USPS communications are sent to correct employee addresses.

Failure to complete these actions may result in the agency receiving forwarding fee charges from the USPS.


Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Deduction mailbox.