State Agencies Bulletin No. 1032

Retroactive Increase to the Guaranteed Pre-Shift Briefing Minimum for Employees Represented by the New York State Correctional Officers and Police Benevolent Association, Inc. (NYSCOPBA) in Bargaining Unit 01
Date Issued
November 9, 2010


To explain OSC’s automatic processing of the increase.

Affected Employees

Department of Correctional Services employees represented by NYSCOPBA (BU01).


Pursuant to the Amendment to the Summary of Award to the State of New York-NYSCOPBA Amendment to the Final and Binding Award of Tripartite Panel #1A 2008-08, that provides for an increase to the guaranteed Pre-Shift Briefing minimum effective 4/1/10.

Effective Date(s)

Payments will be processed in paychecks dated 12/16/10 (Institution) and 12/22/10 (Administration).

Payment Information

Effective 4/1/10, the guaranteed minimum amount of Pre-Shift Briefing shall be increased from $1,248 to $2,080 annually for all members of Bargaining Unit 01 who are employed by the NYS Department of Correctional Services.

The new biweekly Pre-Shift Briefing (PS1) minimum shall be increased to $80 for a full time employee and $40 for an employee on Sick Leave at 50% pay.

OSC Actions

OSC will automatically update the Additional Pay records of eligible employees that receive PS1 on or after 3/25/10 (Institution) or 4/1/10 (Administration) that is below the new biweekly minimum.

OSC will insert a row with an effective date of 3/25/10 (Institution) or 4/1/10 (Administration) increasing  the PS1 amount on the employees’ Additional Pay record as follows:

Pre-shift briefing (PS1) rows of $24 will be increased to $40.

Pre-shift Briefing (PS1) rows from $48 to $79.99 will be increased to $80.

If a PS1 row already exists effective 3/25/10 (Institution) or 4/1/10 (Administration), OSC will update the PS1 amount on the existing row as stated above.

OSC will also update the PS1 amount for all subsequent rows on the employee’s record.

If there is an existing Earnings End Date on the row being updated the Earnings End Date will be carried forward on the updated row.

Note: Currently, if an employee is earning the pre-shift briefing minimum of $48, it is the agency’s responsibility to update the amount if an increase is necessitated.  This process will continue with the minimum increase.  Therefore, going forward if an employee is earning the pre-shift briefing minimum of $80 and the amount must be increased, the agency must submit a transaction.

Automatic Retroactive Processing

OSC will automatically calculate retroactive payments for affected employees receiving an increase.

For eligible employees who have worked in more than one (1) agency and have been paid by all agencies using the same Employee Record Number since the effective date of the increase, all retroactive adjustments will be paid in the most current agency.

For eligible employees who have worked in more than one (1) agency and have been paid from more than one (1) Employee Record Number since the effective date of the increases, the retroactive adjustment for earnings in each Employee Record Number will be paid in the most current agency, on the appropriate pay cycle, under each Employee Record Number.

Control-D Reports

The following Control-D report will be available after processing of the automatic increases:

NHRP 703 Mass Salary Additional Pay Report This report identifies all employees receiving an automatic increase for Pre-Shift Briefing (PS1). Fields on this report include EmplID, Employee Record Number, Employee Name, Earn Code, Grade, Salary Plan, Bargaining Unit, Additional Pay Amount, and Work Percentage.

Deduction Information

All general deductions for employees whose status is Terminated, Retired or Deceased will be automatically cancelled by OSC with the exception of the following:

Code Narrative
410 Health Care Spending Account
420 NY Dependent Care Contribution
425 Repay State Loans/Debt
426 Higher Ed Repay State Loan
428 Dependent Care
433 Total Unemployment Ins Owed
500 Medicare Deficiency
501 502 Social Security Deficiency NYS SS/Medicare Deficiency
GARNSH Garnishments
HIATRG Regular After Tax Health
HIATSP Special After Tax Health Adj
HIBTRG Regular Before Tax Health
HIBTSP Special Before Tax Health Adj

Undeliverable Checks

Inactive employees may be eligible for a payment as a result of the salary adjustment. If the agency has made an effort to deliver the check to the employee but the check has been returned and is undeliverable, the agency should forward the check to the NYS Department of Tax and Finance, Division of Treasury, per instructions in Payroll Bulletin No. 456.

Checks issued to eligible employees who are now deceased should be returned with a completed Next of Kin Affidavit (Form AC 934-P) and a Report of Check Exchange (Form AC 1476-P).

For recipients of a previously deceased employee's payroll checks where a Next of Kin Affidavit and Report of Check Exchange forms have been submitted, OSC will accept a photocopy of these forms to process the exchange of the check.

Payroll Register and Employee’s Paycheck/Advice

All retroactive adjustments will be displayed on the payroll register and the employee’s paycheck stub or direct deposit advice.


Questions about payment processing may be directed to the Payroll Audit mailbox.