State Agencies Bulletin No. 2050

Multifactor Authentication for New York State Payroll Online
Date Issued
September 16, 2022


The purpose of this bulletin is to inform agencies and employees that OSC is implementing multifactor authentication (MFA) functionality for New York State Payroll Online (NYSPO).

Affected Employees

All state employees who use NYSPO are impacted.


NYSPO allows all state employees to update withholdings, access paystubs and W2s, opt out of paper pay stubs and W2s, and review personal information via In order to best protect users’ data, it was determined that additional security factors should be present before any new functionality is added to NYSPO.

Effective Dates

Effective October 6, 2022, all NYSPO users will be required to establish and use MFA at login. New and existing users will not be able to access their NYSPO accounts until they have successfully established one or more factors.

OSC Actions

OSC will, in concert with the NYS Office of Information Technology Services (ITS), provide and support MFA options to users.

Agency Actions

Agencies are required to inform their staff of the upcoming changes to NYSPO. Agencies may direct staff to instructions for setting up MFA in NYSPO. The instructions are included in the Enrollment and Access job aid, available at Agency NYSPO Coordinators and Agency PODAs and PODSAs should also review the job aid. Additionally, Agency PODAs and PODSAs should carefully review any communication received from Information Technology Services regarding MFA so that they are best able to assist users who may have questions or require assistance in using MFA for NYSPO.


Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the NYSPO Help mailbox.