State Agencies Bulletin No. 231

Fingerprint Fee Processing
Date Issued
January 26, 2001


To explain the use of deduction code 431 Fingerprint Fees

Affected Employees

Employees within certain agencies or titles required to have a fingerprint search through the Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS), except for employees of the City University of New York

Effective Date


OSC Automatic Processing

DCJS has provided OSC with a list of state agencies that are authorized to have fingerprint fees processed through payroll deductions. OSC has established escrow accounts for these agencies. After the payroll confirmation process each week, the deductions for code 431 will be credited to the respective agency accounts.

Agency Actions

Authorized agencies have been notified by DCJS of the following revised processing procedures:

  • Enter the deduction on the general deduction panel using code 431.
  • Enter the beginning date of the pay period in the Effective Date field.
  • Choose the calculation routine Flat Amount.
  • Enter the last day of the period in the Deduction End Date field.
  • Enter the total finger print fee amount in the Flat/Addl Amount field.
  • By entering the last day of the period in the Deduction End Date field, the deduction will be taken for the current period only. It is not necessary to enter a Goal Amount when this procedure is followed.

NOTE: If OSC has not established an escrow account for your agency and you enter deduction code 431 and an amount into the payroll system, it will be credited to a special escrow account and reported to DCJS. When the fingerprint card is processed, the DCJS special escrow account will be charged and a report issued to your agency.


Questions concerning on line entry of deduction code 431 may be directed to the Payroll Deductions mailbox.

Questions on agency eligibility and fingerprint fee reports can be directed to DCJS Finance Office.