State Agencies Bulletin No. 277

Automatic Recalculation of Pre-Shift Briefing Due to Bonus Payment Reaching the Earnings End Date
Date Issued
October 23, 2001

Affected Employees

Employees in Bargaining Unit 01 who are currently receiving Bonus in their calculation of Pre-Shift Briefing


Employees in Bargaining Unit 01 who received a contractually agreed upon Bonus as a lump sum payment had the Bonus payment added to their Pre-Shift Briefing calculation for 1 year from the date of payment.

Effective Date(s)

11/1/2001 for Institution Agencies 

11/8/2001 for Administration Agencies

OSC Actions

After all processing is complete for pay period 16 for Institution and pay period 17 for Administration, OSC will automatically insert or update rows in additional pay for all employees who are currently receiving Pre-Shift Briefing and have an Earn Code of BON with an earnings end date of 10/31/01 for Institution agencies and 11/7/01 for Administration agencies. The PS1 row will have an effective date of either 11/1/01 or 11/8/01 and the amount will not include the Bonus payment in the calculation. If a PS1 row already exists with these effective dates, the row will be updated and the PS1 amount will not include the Bonus payment. OSC will also automatically recalculate all future dated PS1 rows for these employees.

Agency Actions

For all PS1 transactions effective on or after 11/1/2001 for Institution and 11/8/01 for Administration, the agencies should exclude the Bonus from the calculation.

Reveal Report

The following Reveal report will be available for agency review the week of 11/19/01 for Institution and 11/26/01 for Administration payrolls. The report will be sorted by agency code and then by the name in alphabetical order.

  • Mass Additional Pay Report (NHRP703) - This report will identify all employees who had a PS1 row updated or inserted. The report will show the new PS1 amount.Fields that will appear on the report include Emplid, Employees Record # Employees Name, Earn code, Grade, Salary Plan, Bargaining Unit and new Additional Pay Amount.


Questions regarding this bulletin should be directed to your payroll auditor.