State Agencies Bulletin No. 823

New Control-D Report NBEN751 (Employees With 10 Years of TIAA/CREF Membership)
Date Issued
May 30, 2008


To inform agencies of the new Control-D report listing employees with ten (10) years of TIAA/CREF membership.

Affected Employees

Employees who are members of the Optional Retirement Program (ORP), have the Retirement Plan Type of 7Z (TIAA/CREF) and will have ten (10) or more years of membership in the ORP within three pay periods of the date of the Control-D report


The Control-D report - NBEN751 - Employees With 10 Years of TIAA/CREF Membership - has been created to identify employees who will reach their ten (10) year membership date within three pay periods of the date of the report.

The report is run weekly for all Institution and Administration cycle agencies. It is sorted by Effective Check Date and EmplID.

Employees with a Job record and corresponding active TIAA/CREF retirement record will appear on the report.

Control-D Report Availability

This report will be available each Friday beginning June 13, 2008.

Agency Actions

Notify affected employees regarding reduction in contribution status, as per Payroll Bulletin No. 809.


Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Deductions mailbox.