Annual Financial Report (AFR) Modernization Project

The Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) is developing a new application for reporting annual financial activity. The new application will replace the existing Annual Update Document.

The new application will:

  • Leverage the OSC Online Services platform local governments already utilize to file their Real Property Tax Cap, Constitutional Tax Limit and Tax Data Verification forms
  • Allow local officials to access the application from anywhere they have an internet connection
  • Allow for access to previous years' reports
  • Allow multiple preparers to access the application
  • Provide OSC staff the ability to view the application as local officials are completing their report, enabling staff to better provide assistance
  • Include improved data checking and edits
  • Provide an enhanced user experience, eliminating annual downloading of the application and prior year data

This web page will be updated periodically with information and training for this new application.


  1. The Annual Financial Report (AFR) Modernization Project - General Overview On Demand Webinar - An overview of the new Annual Financial Report (AFR)
  2. The New Annual Financial Report - Financial Funds Overview On Demand Webinar - A detailed walk through of the fund financial statements in the new Annual Financial Report (AFR)


(page last updated October 2020)