Justice Court Fund: Invoice Billing Program

All town and village justice courts and municipalities participate in our Invoice Billing Program (IBP).

Summary of the Invoice Billing Process

  • Each justice submits his or her monthly report to the Justice Court Fund (JCF).
  • At the time of filing each justice must send a check for the total amount of the report to the town or village Chief Fiscal Officer (CFO).
  • The CFO is responsible for accounting for the payments he or she receives from the court. Accounting for Justice Court Funds [pdf].
  • JCF reviews and processes the monthly report to determine the State, County and local shares of money reported and fees earned.
  • When JCF has processed the month’s reports for all justices in the municipality, we will send an invoice and billing statement to the CFO for the amount due the State (includes refunds paid by OSC) and County. When village matters are reported on a town report and funds are due to the village, the town invoice will instruct the CFO to pay the village and we will send the village a separate statement.
  • JCF will send a copy of the distribution summary to each justice.
  • Upon receipt of the invoice and billing statement, the municipality must make payment of money owed in a timely manner. When payment is made, local revenues are recognized in the appropriate accounts.