Special 20- and 25-Year Plans

For PFRS Tier 2, 3, 5 and 6 Members, (Sections 384, 384-d and 384-e)

Accidental Death Benefit


If you die as the natural and proximate result of an on-the-job accident not due to your own willful negligence, an accidental death benefit may be payable on your behalf, regardless of your years of service credit.

The Benefit

The accidental death benefit is a lifetime pension if paid to a surviving spouse or dependent parent. The benefit is equal to 50 percent of your FAS (less any workers’ compensation benefit paid or payable because of your death).

Any accumulated contributions will also be refunded to your beneficiary, or to your estate.

The following family beneficiaries can receive the benefit, in this order:

  • To your surviving spouse, for life;
  • Where there is no surviving spouse or should he or she die, to minor children until age 18 (age 23, if they are students); and
  • Where there is no surviving spouse or minor children, to a dependent parent for life.

If all the beneficiaries listed above become ineligible for benefit payments, and if the payments made up to that time do not equal or exceed the amount of the ordinary death benefit that would have been paid at your death, we will pay the difference to your designated beneficiary or to your estate. If you have no beneficiaries as listed above, we will not pay the accidental death benefit; instead we will pay the applicable ordinary death benefit to your last designated beneficiary or your estate.


Your family or employer should notify us of your death as soon as possible, so we can send the appropriate forms to your beneficiary. The application for the accidental death benefit must be filed within two years of your date of death.