Special 20- and 25-Year Plans

For PFRS Tier 2, 3, 5 and 6 Members, (Sections 384, 384-d and 384-e)

Withdrawing Your Contributions and/or Your Membership

If you are a Tier 5 or 6 member and you leave public employment with fewer than ten years of credited service, you may end your membership and withdraw your accumulated contributions (with 5 percent interest compounded annually). To do this, file a Withdrawal Application (RS5014) no earlier than 15 days after you leave public employment.

Once you have ten or more years of service credit, you cannot withdraw from PFRS. Any contributions you made must stay in your account. When you reach age 55 (age 63 for Tier 6 members who are off payroll), it is up to you to apply for your retirement benefit.