Justice Court Fund: JCFIR File Upload Instructions

File Your Report Now

Preparing Your Electronic Report

  • All report files must be in the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) prescribed file format.
    • If using an Office of Court Administration (OCA) certified vendor courtroom software, the file should already be in the OSC prescribed format.
    • If using other courtroom software, contact us to ensure your file meets layout and naming requirements.
    • Contact your software vendor for information on how to save and access the file.

Filing Your Report

  • Open the Justice Court Fund Internet Reporting System website.
  • Enter your user ID and password and select "Log On".
    • Justices are accountable for any submissions to the JCF. For your protection OSC strongly advises that you not share your user credentials with anyone, nor delegate the reporting function to your court clerk.
  • Select "Submit a Report"
  • Complete the Report Certification page, attach the report file from your computer, and check the certification box (your report will be rejected by the system if this box is not checked).
  • Select "Submit" to send report to OSC.
  • Confirm the status of your submitted report.
    • OSC will send a submission status email to your OCA email address. You may also print the displayed JCFIR status page for your records.
  • If your report is rejected, correct the errors noted and resubmit your report as soon as possible. Common Reporting Errors
  • If you need to file another report, select "Submit Another Report."

Need Help Filing Your Monthly Report?

  • Contact the LGSA Helpdesk at (866) 321-8503, Option 1