Lateral Transfers

A. Between positions assigned to the same negotiating unit:

There is no change in annual salary. Civil Service Section 131.4

B. Between positions assigned to different negotiating units:

  1. If different raise(s) are in effect during the fiscal year:

    There is no change in basic annual salary; however, a recalculation must be done to reflect the raise (s) of the unit to which transferring.

    Refer to Payroll Bulletin #702 released February 22, 2007.

    Example: An employee has a lateral transfer during a fiscal year in which there are different raise amounts. (In 2010 PEF received a 4% increase, MC received 0%)

    9/30/10 - Employee was promoted to a Grade 018 PEF position – $51,268 (Hiring Rate effective 4/1/10)

    2/3/11- Employee had a Lateral Transfer to a Grade 618 MC position – salary reduced to $49,296 (Hiring Rate effective 4/2/09)

  2. From the job rate salary to a position with a higher job rate:

    If sufficient time has lapsed where the employee would otherwise have received a performance advance, immediately apply an advance in accordance with the payment system of the unit to which transferring, to advance the salary toward the job rate of the new schedule. This is based on rules of the various performance advance programs which all provide that service rendered in a unit is creditable toward receipt of a performance advance in another unit.


    If an MC Grade 623 with a salary at job rate $77454 is appointed to a grade 23 PEF position in 2011 the salary would be calculated as follows:

    The employee reached the 623 job rate in 2006 - $77454.

    $77454 + $2164 (PEF Gr 23 Perf Adv) = $79618 which falls below the job rate in the PEF grade 23. The increment code would then be 0001 or 1001 depending on when the transfer took place.